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Eastern Wisdom Western Thoughts - a read during holidays from Dr Ram Ayurveda

Dear Friends, As the year is winding down, it seems like there is nowhere to go but up. It doesn't look like COVID-19 is going anywhere anytime soon, and the threat of holiday gatherings being cancelled like everything else is real. This was the worst year, and nothing made sense any longer, except when it was the best year, because time for reading seemed to expand like one of those endless summer afternoons when one was in the late stages of grade school. Reading was a refuge in 2020 Friend, I am writing this article on the basis of my experiences for your festive season to read. I am having…

Dr Ram Garg on the topic of Natural Ramedies for headaches

Join Family Health and Lifestyle program with Fahima Patel of Radio Islam International is joined with Dr Ram, discussing natural remedies for headache. Dr Ram shares some of comon causes of headache and natural remedies you can take for headache. Click Here to listen to the podcast  

Stay Safe and Healrhy - Covid-19 Talk with Dr Ram

More than a year the most popular phrase would be 'social distancing?' But here we were, locked in our homes, using terms like ‘social distancing’, ‘isolation’ and ‘quarantine’ more times in a day than we thought-all thanks to a virus that has put our lives somewhat on hold. While most of us still can’t wrap our heads around what just happened and feel like we are in the middle of a never-ending long movie that will eventually end, there is still some solace to be found that we are confined to our homes and rooms for self-quarantine, amid family and loved ones. You've likely seen…

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