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Ayurveda Health Centre

Dr Ram Garg leads the Johannesburg based team which was established in 2003. He is an internationally renowned Ayurvedic post-graduate physician. He obtained undergraduate degrees in medicine and surgery from Kurukshetra University, India and a Masters in Ayurvedic Medicines. He is registered with the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa. With over twenty years of international experience in the field of Ayurvedic healing Dr Ram provides Ayurveda as a mainstream health management system. Based on thorough research, Dr Ram Ayurveda has developed particular protocols to handle chronic conditions and to maintain health in day-to-day stressful life situations. These include modern equipment and oils to ensure quality and consistency in treatments.

Working closely with his clients to find unique solutions to their problems has led Dr Ram to integrate the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with his conventional western medical knowledge. It is therefore advisable to bring all your prescribed medicines, X -Rays and lab reports when you come for a consultation.

By providing such pioneering leadership, he is at the forefront of an Ayurvedic resurgence.

What we do

"Ayurvedic doctors understand your problems even if you can't find words for them."

The root cause of our health challenges can lie in the food we eat, our life-style, our thinking, and our emotions.

And some problems we face even have a mysterious bio-spiritual cause.

At Dr Ram’s Ayurvedic Health Centre we believe in the virtues of a holistic approach to life.

The core of Ayurveda is to guide our patients toward authentic wellness.

To this end we provide more than twenty body and beauty experiences.

Following the advent and positive growth of rejuvenation centers and health spas in South Africa, Ayurveda has gone from being the 'science of life' to the 'slice of life' for many individuals.

How so? By providing a sophisticated process that includes specific personalized therapies and herbal medications.

Our treatments are used to purify the body and clear deep-rooted toxins, to prevent or manage disease, restore balance and ultimately rejuvenate the entire being.

Why choose us

  • We source-in medicines that have passed the standardisation process by The Centre for Medicinal Plants Research in India
  • All our natural medicines are made up of the herbs and minerals which also constitute our body
  • Johannesburg based team lead by internationally renowned Ayurvedic post-graduate physician
  • Over twenty years of international experience in the field of Ayurvedic healing
  • We believe in the virtues of a holistic approach to life
  • We provide personalized therapies and herbal medications
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